The Best Home for Horses - The Blue Spruce Farm

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Blue Spruce farm located in Redmond, WA has a rich historical heritage spanning over years spent in providing housing, veterinary care and thoroughbred breeding. Owned by the Nicholls family as of now the farm was originally started by Henry and Elizabeth Busscher during the 1920's. Later in 1930 they sold the farm to Helen Turcotte who used the 40 acres farm as a boarding for young ladies and also organized summer and winter camps on the farm. She made the stay on the farm very interesting for the ladies by including a milking parlor, chicken house, pig barn and horse stables as a part of their farm experience.

Helen Turcotte sold the farm to the current owners Max and Mary Nicholls in 1958. The new owners transformed the farm and used it for thoroughbred breeding and as a veterinary hospital. Later in 2001 after the demise of max Nicholls the farm was converted into a boarding stable.

The farm has an impressible array of facilities for riders and horses of all ages and breeds. The farm has twenty six stalls of 12'x12' in 3 barns, 8 large paddocks with shelter, one sand footing round pen, one sand footing lighted all weather arena, three locked tack rooms with saddle and bridle racks and shelves and 2 homes on the farm for the 24 hour caretakers. The farm also has an impressive 26 acres of cross fenced green pastures.

The farm has a historic lower barn that has a large tack room, seven stalls, hay and grain storage, blanket and lovely wooden flooring on the aisles. The outdoor sand arena is completely conditioned for water run off. It is equipped with dressage letters and jumping equipment and can also be lighted for riding in the evenings.

Other than the lush grass pastures the farm also caters to the horses on diet or those that have been injured by providing dry paddocks. These paddocks are 12'X12' and have rubber mats for feeding. These rubber mats reach up to the shelter for easy access for the horses. These dry paddocks are specially built to stay dry during winters.

The owners of the Blue Spruce Farm strongly believe in the well being and health of the horses that stay at their boarding and allow them to be out in the open and grow healthy naturally. The horses are let out in small groups for easy management. For their safety and to avoid any mishap the farm has a safety mesh and metal pipe fencing. The pastures are cross fenced too for complete safety.

Blue Spruce Farm is a one-stop boarding centre for horses with utmost care given to the horses their. They have an experienced staff that takes care of the feeding, grooming and overall care of the horse. The stay there is inclusive of the 2-3 hay feedings, fresh drinking water, grains and minerals twice a day. It is easily the best boarding facility for horses you would ever find.